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Semoga Junior Eldstal cepat sembuh

Kami dari semuanyaJDT.com mengucapkan selamat berehat kepada Junior Eldstal dan cepat sembuh dari kecederaan yang di alami. Kami merindui aksinya di sebalik kemerosotan barisan pertahanan JDT pada 2 perlawanan terdahulu.

Junior telah memberikan kenyataan rasmi selepas selesai menjalani pemeriksaan di Singapura. Hasil dari pemeriksaan, Junior didapati mengalami slip disc ditiga tempat. Anda boleh baca kenyataan penuh dibawah ini cumanya dalam Bahasa English:



The last two seasons have been so tough physically and mentally for myself. Numerous injuries one after the other. Working hard to get match fit only to then be out injured again! I felt it is time to inform everyone of my situation.

The latest injury setback was again devastating to me. I kept asking
myself why was I getting all these injuries on my body. I work extremely hard on and off the pitch so why is my body continuing to let me down?

Enough was enough, i needed answers, the club needed answers, HRH TMJ needed answers.

I decided to go to Singapore to see a leading back specialist. After having a new MRI performed I went back the following day to be informed I had 2 slipped disc in my lower back and 1 slipped disc in my neck vertebra and have been playing through this the last two years!

Junior Eldstål JDT MRI scan

The specialist informed me that untreated the injury is career threatening. I require 3 to 6 months of intense rehabilitaion to repair the slipped disc and all being well I will come back better than ever. The specialist informed me this has been the root cause of all my injuries because my body has been compensating for the slipped disc. However, at least I now know why I have been getting injured constantly & I now have a solution to the problem.


This perception that my heart isn’t in Football anymore couldn’t be further from the truth.. This sport is my life, I come from humble beginnings and without this opportunity I wouldn’t be where I am today. All i want to do is play Football, To represent the most successful & professional club in the country is an honour. Let me reinterate, all i want to do is be the best player I can for my club JDT and country if selected with Malaysia.

My run of injuries has tested the patience of everyone at JDT, the fans and of course HRH TMJ who although frustrated has been fantastic and fair to me. At this moment in time all I can do is be sincere and say sorry for these injuries.

I hope to sit down with Management & HRH TMJ to work out a plan for my
rehabiliation programme. The course of action must be done with JDTs blessing and permission.

Finally, i thank HRH TMJ, JDT and the fans for their support during this
terrible time in my career. I am committed to an intense rehabilitation programme to make sure I’m back stronger than ever!

Thanks everyone.

Junior Eldstal

Untuk musim ini, Junior hanya melakukan 4 penampilan dan 360 minit permainan. Kami sekali lagi mendoakan agar Junior cepat sembuh dan kembali ke skuad JDT dengan lebih kuat.

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